Guiding Principles

Celebrating Healthy Communities is committed to working collaboratively to prevent suicide, substance use, and impaired driving. We believe that while our focus is specific, true upstream prevention strategies will impact all problem behaviors allowing us to reduce risk factors and build protective factors for community members of all ages.

In addressing substance use we believe that adults have the capacity to make healthy choices regarding their use of tobacco, alcohol and marijuana. While there are gaps in the availability of healthy options, it is our belief that by supporting and implementing education efforts we can reinforce the value in healthy decision making.

Our primary motivation around substance use prevention is building a culture of awareness regarding the positive development of our community. We do this by providing skills, opportunities, and purposeful youth-adult partnerships.

It is true that substance use and suicide are interwoven and share many of the same root causes. With a focus on upstream prevention we know that we have the ability to address each of these issues collectively and simultaneously, expanding our reach and impact.

Health equity requires us to address risk and protective factors through a “whole person” lens and address health disparities in underserved populations. We believe that every person has an equal seat at the table, that every voice is powerful, and that every population is essential to further build the capacity of our work. We ensure this remains true by intentionally addressing each new project through a social justice framework.


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