Our Approach

For over 2 decades Celebrating Healthy Communities has been working to improve the quality of life for La Plata County residents through community collaboration, social norming, and youth adult partnerships. The Coalition is comprised of local organizations, active coalition members, and a full mailing list of close to 300 community members.

To meet our Mission, we act to increase Developmental Assets among youth and young adults in order to promote healthy, caring and responsible individuals and build protective factors against risky behaviors, such as substance use. 

We do this by:
  1. Training youth, adults and staff of youth-serving organizations about Developmental Assets.
  2. Using the Science of the Positive approaches to correct misconceptions, attitudes, and behaviors to promote positive community norms.Collaborating to hold pro-social, drug-free events that are fun and engaging.
  3. Providing youth-adult partnerships by participating as adult advisers in student clubs.
  4. Creating youth-led, data-driven, media campaigns.

Since 2006 we have been using results from the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey to guide work on addressing Alcohol, Tobacco, and other Drug use among the youth of La Plata County.

We periodically track the number of Assets acquired by La Plata County Youth using the Developmental Asset Survey. 2015 found that La Plata County youth had an average 21.9 Assets and we will work in partnership with others to continue to watch those numbers grow.